April Fools from across the Web

So April Fools has come and gone.  While we here at TCR don’t partake in such mundane and childish activities, we do enjoy a good ol’ romping jest at someone else’s expense.  So here are the best pranks from around the web that we could find.

Let’s begin with the powerhouse that is Google…

Gmail Blue (video) – “Because brown was a disaster.”

Google Nose (video)  – “What does a ghost smell like? Google nose.”

Google Treasure Maps (video) – “Nicolas Cage was lead designer.” [quote from TCR editor/style guru, Samuel Clemens]

Youtube Shuts Down (video) – “I’m sure the first ten minutes of Citizen Kane is great, but what I love about epic skateboard fail is that it’s short, it’s funny and it’s straight to the point.”

Now on to less important things like the incredibly important address from the White House

President Obama (video) – “Wait, John McCain didn’t win?” [quote from TCR editor/personal trainer, Palmer Kennedy]

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 12.18.21 PM

Twitter announces that users will have to pay a $5 monthly subscription to use vowels.

Skype will now let you connect with relatives that are living in space (link) – “Bout goddamn time.” [quote from TCR editor/man expert, Thomas Jefferson]

Virgin launches glass bottom plane (link) – “Now everyone will see me join the mile high club” [quote from TCR intern, Hobbes]

U.S. military will implement “cat soldiers” (link) – “Now people can call us pussies for real” [quote from TCR rep, anonymous]

These were just a couple as it seems the whole worldwide web got in on the April Fools action which begs the question, “When will Justin Bieber announce his career as an april fools joke?” -[quote from bitter rival and jealous counterpart, Samuel Clemens]

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